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Saving children from pre-surgery stress: Dr Chris Evans and Sophie Copley

Saving Children From Pre-surgery Stress: Dr Chris Evans And Sophie Copley

These pioneers are committed to alleviating the stress children face around surgery.

Empowering the over 50’s to thrive: Stuart Lewis and Sara Stephens

Empowering The Over 50’s To Thrive: Stuart Lewis And Sara Stephens

Learn more about co-founders Stuart and Sara's mission to help and inspire the over 50's to get the most our of life through community, advice and advocacy.

Reprogramming healthcare: Farlan Veraitch

Reprogramming Healthcare: Farlan Veraitch

Cell and gene therapies will change the face of medicine, but first costs need to come down. Ori Biotech founder Farlan has pioneered a development platform that will transform how - and where - these therapies are produced.

Femtech pioneer: Tania Boler

Femtech Pioneer: Tania Boler

Learn more about founder Tania Boler and the Elvie journey to developing beautiful, usable tech products...

Food waste fighter: Anya Doherty

Food Waste Fighter: Anya Doherty

Founder Anya wanted to understand and reduce the footprint of the food industry. Foodsteps is a platform...

Fashion for the future: Victoria Prew

Fashion For The Future: Victoria Prew

Victoria Prew knows all about the waste involved in fast fashion. The innovative HURR rental platform allows fashion...