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The Resilience of Early-stage European Healthtech

July 2023

Since 2019, the European healthtech landscape has changed almost beyond recognition. Demand for cutting-edge solutions has transcended the individual to touch the level of health systems, insurers and employers. The enterprise value of European healthtech start-ups has surged, outstripping Asia and the US, and Europe has emerged as a key, global player.

In The Resilience of Early-Stage European Healthtech we set out to explore the continent’s rapidly changing healthtech ecosystem. We’ve called on industry leaders, from founders and investors to clinicians, to offer a comprehensive analysis of an evolving sector.

Read the report for: 

  • A deep dive into the European healthtech investment landscape, with a special focus on three key territories: the UK, France and Germany. 
  • Our analysis of the emergent trends set to change the face of healthcare, including consumer trends and pioneering new technologies. 
  • The go-to-market strategies we’ve seen used most effectively by founders, alongside our analysis of when to use them.
  • A guide to the regulatory challenges founders face. 
  • Our predictions for the trends and technologies poised to make the biggest impact in 2023 and 2024.  

To learn everything you need to know about the European healthtech landscape, read our report, The Resilience of Early-Stage European Healthtech.