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Pioneering entrepreneurs are changing the world. Where there is change there is huge entrepreneurial opportunity, particularly in three key areas: industry, money and health. We’ve refined our focus towards these areas to discover the next generation of pioneering entrepreneurs.

We are headquartered in London but are also deployed in the U.S. and Asia specifically to help the companies we back scale in those markets. This allows us to be ready to achieve our main goal: to discover the very best, pioneering entrepreneurs and contribute to their world-changing success.

About Octopus Ventures

We are a team that backs pioneering entrepreneurs. We believe that bold moves make a real impact on the world. Our typical investment in recent years has been £1m for Seed and £4m for Series A.

We support, way beyond our financial investment. Our team’s expertise, extended through our Venture Partners’ in the UK, US, Singapore and China, connect us globally to a unique depth of experience, introductions and guidance.

We are part of Octopus Group, managing over £8.5 billion* on behalf of more than 50,000 investors, spanning investments, healthcare, energy and property.

*Octopus at 31 December 2018

About Octopus Group

Most companies don’t put their customers first. And when it comes to the things that matter most to us in life, like financial security, health and wellbeing, that’s a big problem.

We set up Octopus back in 2000 to change this. We set out to build businesses where our customers would feel so strongly about what we did, and how we did it, that they would proactively recommend us to those they were closest to.

So far our approach is working. We’re changing the way people think about their savings, we’re building care homes, hospitals and schools you’d be proud to send your loved ones to, and we’re supplying hundreds of thousands of UK homes with renewable energy.

And there’s much more to come. We call it ‘a brighter way’.
Changing today for a better tomorrow. octopusgroup.com