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Alistair Crane
Founder and CEO

Meet the founder

Serial founder Alistair Crane founded Bloom to solve an age-old problem: while many people in the workplace are looking for professional growth and career coaching, good coaches are tricky to find, while coaching is expensive and time consuming. Bloom is on a mission to make coaching accessible to everyone in the workplace, bringing together human and AI-powered coaches, alongside advice and guidance from business leaders around the world.

“We have been able to develop a really unfair advantage over the past 12 months with a significant seed round led by Octopus. It’s meant that we’ve been able to build a world-class team… not just in the UK but in the US as well.”

Alistair Crane

Why we invested

Now more than ever, companies need to have talent retention, engagement and development at the top of their agenda; they are after all the most valuable asset a company has. This is true for all companies, but especially those in a hybrid or remote environment, where the usual perks and modes of engagement are becoming less relevant. It was obvious to me immediately that what Bloom has built will revolutionize how companies approach this by making professional coaching and personalized skill development accessible to everyone. We are delighted to be backing the incredible team at Bloom on their mission.”
Rebecca Hunt

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