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Henrik Hagemann
CEO and Co-Founder

Meet the founder

Henrik Hagemann, CEO and co-founder of Purafinnity, is interested in making an impact – at scale. This is the ambition that underpins Purafinnity’s mission: to provide 1 billion people with PFAS safe water by 2030. PFAS, also known as “forever chemicals”, are widespread in the planet’s water supply, and cause adverse health effects including increased cholesterol, cancer and high blood pressure. Purafinnity’s novel platform technology absorbs these highly persistent chemicals, bringing water supplies in line with a new, global wave of regulation, designed to limit population exposure.

“The reason I chose Octopus Ventures is we really saw this kind of interest in building a category-defining company, not just getting a quick exit. There’s this people aspect to it that’s really a superpower if you can harness it.”

Henrik Hagemann, CEO and Co-Founder of Purafinnity

Why we invested

The problem of forever chemicals is vast, touching billions of people around the world. In fact, governmental studies have found that as many as 97% of people have PFAS chemicals in their blood. Mitigating this staggering impact truly is a world-changing enterprise. Octopus Ventures backed Henrik and the Purafinnity team because we believe that the Purafinnity solution promises to address this global health problem, and support organisations as they work to meet emergent regulation.

Initial investment stage

Series A

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