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Tania Boler
Founder, CEO and President, Elvie

Meet the founder

Women’s health expert Tania Boler founded Elvie in 2013. Partnering with Alexander Asseily, she led the development of a range of health and lifestyle products to tackle intimate, often neglected issues affecting the health and wellbeing of women across the globe. From silent breast pump technology to an app-synched pelvic floor trainer, she continues to innovate on behalf of women everywhere.

“We empower women through radical, female-first technology.”

Tania Boler

Why we invested

Tania came to us with a real passion for challenging the taboo in women's health issues. Her team had shown they could deliver beautiful products from design, through mass manufacture, to sales with their first product (Elvie Trainer), and they had a second idea (Elvie Pump) on the go. Tania’s vision for the company – to produce a suite of beautiful and usable tech products focused on women’s health – identified a gap in the market. The combination of a skilled team with a powerful vision, a massive market and great initial traction made our decision to invest an easy one.

Initial investment stage

Series A

First invested


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