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David Mitchell
Founder and CEO, XYZ Reality

Meet the founder

David Mitchell’s years of experience on construction sites showed him the problems that come with converting 2D drawings into 3D projects. XYZ Reality was founded in 2017, bringing an engineering-grade augmented reality solution to market. It gives construction teams the ability to verify works on the go, avoiding expensive rework and waste.

“By eliminating some of the rework in construction projects, we feel we can contribute to a sustainable future.”

David Mitchell

Why we invested

Redoing work on construction sites costs firms in the UK £10–25 billion a year. The beauty of XYZ Reality’s integrated augmented reality platform, HoloSite (including a safety-certified AR hardhat, cloud platform and in-built proprietary software), is that it allows teams to accurately position high-fidelity 3D design models on construction sites in real time. We could see this was a solution that would reduce wasted time, money and materials for construction projects everywhere, and we wanted to be part of it.

Initial investment stage

Series A

First invested


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