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Kelly McCabe and Morgan Fitzsimmons
Co-Founders, CEO and CXO, Perci Health

Meet the founders

Advances in cancer treatment are yielding positive results, but new treatments have opened the door to a wide range of long-term side effects that require specialist help to manage. Morgan Fitzsimons and Kelly McCabe founded Perci Health in 2020, on a mission to destigmatise conversations around cancer – and redefine it as the chronic condition it is.

“Even in the early days of our partnership with Octopus we’re already seeing that they’re adding huge value over and above capital, plugging us into the best talent and connecting us with other founders within their portfolio.”

Kelly McCabe

Why we invested

One in every two people in the England will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetimes, which means solutions like Perci Health, which offer multifaceted support and care to cancer survivors during their journeys stand to make an extraordinary impact. We backed Morgan, Kelly and the Perci Health team because we believe wholeheartedly in their mission. By removing access barriers to wraparound cancer services, centralising multidisciplinary, evidence-based and holistic care on a digital platform, Perci Health can improve the lives of millions of cancer survivors as they navigate the ups and downs of their survivorship journey.

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