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Stuart Lewis and Sara Stephens
CEO and co-founder, CTO and co-founder

Meet the founders

Stuart and Sara, both from finance and entrepreneurial backgrounds, founded Rest Less in 2018 after discovering a huge gap in financial products training and resources for the over 50’s. Their lightbulb moment came from personal experience – Stuart’s father had spent more time in retirement than he had at work, whilst Sara’s father had suffered age discrimination in the jobs market

Stuart and Sara’s mission is to help and inspire the over 50s to get the most out of life. Rest Less is a digital community and advocate for people in their 50s, 60s and beyond, with tailored advice on a whole range of topics, including dating, jobs, training or financial guidance and advice.

“With [Octopus Ventures] range of venture partners, to be able to open up access to people who’ve been there, seen and done it before, gives you a real feeling that you’re not doing this on your own.”

Stuart Lewis

Why we invested

The population of England and Wales has continued to age, with Census 2021 results confirming there are more people than ever before in older age groups. Whilst longevity presents challenges, it also presents huge opportunities for the over fifties to contribute to society and the economy. We love that Stuart and Sara are changing the narrative on ageing and on midlife, empowering people to thrive. With their huge member base and a broad offering, Stuart and Sara have produced a winning combination.

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