For the people and ideas that will change the world

It’s entrepreneurs that are driving this change.

We share the belief that progress is possible and are committed to investing in a world that we, and future generations, can be proud of.

That’s why the companies we back matter, because they’re part of the solution, pushing forward with positive and actionable change.

For us, investment is about more than money. Investment is about giving time, energy and focus. We invest in people and ideas because we’re committed to a cause; to a belief; to optimism.

This year’s Future Generations Report is now live!

Our Future Generations Report brings to life our mission – to invest in the people, ideas and industries that will change the world – and offers you a glimpse into the future we’d like to be part of..

World-changing companies

Our investment focus

Specialist investment teams with the depth of knowledge and connections necessary to build world-changing companies.

VC firm support for startup founders

Portfolio support

Building a business is hard. So we’ve created a structure that best supports founders to face all challenges head on.

Some of the companies we’ve backed have joined forces with the world’s largest businesses.

Our latest reports

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