Uzma Choudry

Future of Health


Uzma is focused on assessing investment opportunities, conducting preliminary due diligence and executing deals. Her experience straddles the Deep Tech and Future of Health Pods, and she is now focused on Frontier Technologies within health and biotech such as synthetic biology and nanotech, ‘omics, gene editing and computational biology. This includes platforms at the intersection of technology and biology, including human augmentation and neurotech.

Uzma was a research scientist in the fields of Photochemistry and Synthetic Biology. Whilst undertaking her PhD she worked with the University of Manchester Innovation Company to assess the commercial feasibility of technologies being developed at the University, realising her passion for cutting edge technologies. Uzma joined the Ventures team in 2018.

“Through this experience I learnt about the many challenges of spinning out companies and taking disruptive innovations from the lab bench to the market.”

Uzma enjoys baking and cooking and has therefore equipped her kitchen to a semi-professional level, but has found she has had limited time to devote to it so hopes to refocus this year and share her successes with the team!