Simon King (PhD)

Simon joined Octopus Ventures in 2012 and sits within the Deep Tech team, focusing on AI and machine learning, advanced materials, semiconductors and Quantum Computing. He sits on the boards of several portfolio companies including Phoelex, Orbex, Dogtooth Technologies and Elvie and previously sat on the board at WaveOptics (acquired by Snap). He also looks after the origination strategy at Octopus Ventures. Simon’s academic background is in Physics, Chemistry and Materials culminating in a PhD in organic electronics from Imperial College London.

“I love new technologies, seeing how they can change people’s lives for the better. In academia I saw the research side of developing innovative tech and at Octopus I get to see how it comes to market and makes a difference.”

When not at work, Simon is a father of three boys (and being one of three boys, he knows how bad things are going to get!); in his minimal spare time he enjoys playing piano and guitar, learning new things (currently Mandarin) and being outdoors.

Deep tech