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Olamide Ogunrinola

B2B Software
Olamide joined the Octopus Ventures B2B Software team in 2022, excited to support founders with a proven commitment to improving access to opportunities – and reducing information asymmetry. 
As a member of the Octopus Ventures investment team, Olamide brings experience from Start-ups, Consulting, and Venture Capital. After completing her degree in Economics and Politics, at the University of Manchester, she became a founding member of a media start-up, focussed on empowering the forgotten and delivering stories from across the political spectrum.
She learned more about the European start-up ecosystem as a Strategy Consultant at KPMG, which inspired her to immerse herself in the world of Venture Capital. From there, she moved to the Bayes Entrepreneurship Fund, where her role as an Investor gave her hands-on experience with early-stage B2B software companies. 
Outside the office, Olamide has a soft spot for musical theatre, sci-fi, and art. At her most relaxed you’ll find her painting, watching Doctor Who, or reciting West End shows back-to-front.

“I’ve always had a passion for understanding and challenging the systems that underpin the world we live in. Tech disrupts archaic industries and encourages us to question the status quo. It motivates the incumbents to wake up and inspires other visionaries. The opportunity to partner with the greatest minds to change the way the world looks is what draws me to this role.”
- Olamide Ogunrinola
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