Fred Ellis

Fred sits in the B2B Software pod at Octopus Ventures, focusing on later-stage investments with a particular eye towards Enterprise Software.

“The European funding landscape has matured dramatically over the last 10-15 years, not least in terms of capital and talent availability, and I am passionate about helping founders to capitalise on this opportunity and build European companies of global significance”

Previously, Fred worked in the UK Investment Banking department at Merrill Lynch, focusing on TMT and Asset Management deals. He left to help build out HUBX, a London-based Fintech company, focusing on the digitisation and distribution of private transactions.

Fred graduated from Oxford University with a degree in Classics. Outside of work, he is a keen sportsman, harbouring a recent, The Last Dance – inspired, passion for Basketball, as well as cycling and football. You are more than likely to find him at Stamford Bridge every other weekend.

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