Zihao Xu

Zihao focuses on deals within Fintech, Insurtech and distributed ledger technologies. As part of the Fintech team, Zihao is particularly drawn to public ledger blockchain projects that enable permissionless incentive structures to unlock innovation in hitherto closed ecosystems.  Prior to joining Octopus in 2016, Zihao was a Senior Consultant at Roland Berger where he led strategic, operational and commercial diligence projects across a range of industries whilst also setting up a direct-to-consumer ecommerce sunglasses brand.

“It’s my personal belief that the open incentive structures that we can build on public distributed ledgers will unleash an unprecedented level of innovation that we can’t yet foresee. Among its effects will be more liquid and competitive markets that will lead to reductions in cost of living, and the proliferation of a new class of scarce digital goods that have a wide set of use cases.”

Zihao was born in China and holds a BA in Economics and Management from the University of Oxford, where a curiosity in Austrian business cycle theory led him down the rabbit hole of denationalised money and permissionless distributed ledger ecosystems. Outside of the office Zihao is obsessed with travel and has organised and led fossil-fuelled adventures covering a total of 20,000 miles on five continents.