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28 May 2020

Our investment in Stackin’

Why we invested in Stackin, a personal finance service for the under-served ’99%’
Written by Marieke Christmann
24 Sep 2019

Our investment in Ometria

Ometria is the UK’s 9th fastest growing company. Here’s why we invested in it.
Written by Octopus Ventures
Deep techPortfolio
18 Sep 2019

Our investment in vHive

Enterprise drone software pioneer vHive is Octopus Ventures latest investment. Find out how enterprise drone technology is accelerating.
Written by Octopus Ventures
Deep techPortfolio
8 Jul 2019

Our investment in Unmade

Unmade, a recent investment by Octopus Ventures’ Deep Tech pod, is turning mass production in fashion on its head.
Written by Zoe Chambers
25 Jun 2019

Our investment in Mosaic Smart Data

Octopus Ventures investment in Mosaic Smart Data, the company bringing a data driven platform to FICC organisations.
Written by Octopus Ventures
2 May 2019

Our Investment in Aire

Nick Sando of Octopus Ventures’ Future of Money team announces an investment that will help deliver fairer access to credit.
Written by Nick Sando
Deep techPortfolio
21 Mar 2019

Our Investment in Third Eye

Image: ThirdEye team Unless you have been hiding in a hole, you will have heard about Artificial Intelligence. Thanks to the perfect storm of...
Written by Zoe Chambers
28 Feb 2019

Our Investment in By Miles

The world of car ownership is changing. The proliferation of new mobility models, from Uber to scooter rental, combined with the approaching...
Written by Malcolm Ferguson
8 Nov 2018

Our Investment in allplants

Delicious, plant-based food allplants have no need to set out a stall of moral principles — the global meat- reducing macro trend is taking...
Written by Will Gibbs
31 Oct 2018

Jolt — Rethinking Education 101

It’s a pleasure to announce our latest investment into Jolt, together with Hilsven Capital and Pico Partners. Jolt is setting a new agenda...
Written by Eyal Rabinovich
22 Aug 2018

Our Investment in DeadHappy

Death is something that most people would rather not think about. So much so that we talk about “Life” insurance, not “Death” insurance....
Written by Malcolm Ferguson
25 Jul 2018

Our Investment in Patch

Patch is a business that helps bring greenery to those who need it most. Namely, those who live in cities. These are the people who need and...
Written by Will Gibbs
16 Jul 2018

Our Investment in Olio

The same might apply outside your kitchen: you went to a Jay-Z and Beyoncé concert, hosted a work breakfast, had some lunch in your office canteen,...
Written by Zoe Chambers