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Future of money
25 Jun 2019

Our investment in Mosaic Smart Data

Octopus Ventures investment in Mosaic Smart Data, the company bringing a data driven platform to FICC organisations.
Written by Octopus Ventures
Future of money
2 May 2019

Our Investment in Aire

Nick Sando of Octopus Ventures’ Future of Money team announces an investment that will help deliver fairer access to credit.
Written by Nick Sando
Future of money
28 Feb 2019

Our Investment in By Miles

The world of car ownership is changing. The proliferation of new mobility models, from Uber to scooter rental, combined with the approaching...
Written by Malcolm Ferguson
Future of money
22 Aug 2018

Our Investment in DeadHappy

Death is something that most people would rather not think about. So much so that we talk about “Life” insurance, not “Death” insurance....
Written by Malcolm Ferguson
Future of money
28 Feb 2018

In Blockchain We Trust?

Terms like: “trustless network”; “getting rid of trusted intermediaries” and “trust replaced with mathematics” crop up all the time....
Written by Zihao Xu