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Building teams
15 Nov 2018

How do you build a high performing team?

Know thyself Recruitment demands that you know your own business to the core. Your recruitment briefs should be blueprints of your corporate...
Written by Octopus Ventures
Building teams
14 Nov 2018

Who is leading your team?

“Americans love an underdog story, but they want to hear it from the hero’s mouth.” The choice of US lead is critical: You need someone...
Written by Octopus Ventures
Building teams
4 Nov 2018

How are you managing your culture?

Building up and supporting a high functioning team is hard, even when people are working in the same space and come from similar cultures. When...
Written by Tosin Agbabiaka
Building teams
24 Jun 2018

Building Teams: The Art of Change

Octopus Ventures blog explores change in teams. As businesses grow, teams must change. the question must be “what’s the next iteration of this team going to be?”.
Written by Alan Cairns