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How to guides
23 Jun 2022

Raising a Pre-Seed Round 

The story of every great technology startup often starts with an idea, most times a crazy and ambitious idea that becomes a solution to address...
Written by Maria Rotilu
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11 Apr 2019

Setting budgets: not sexy but crucial

Setting budgets is a cornerstone process of every company, regardless of size. So with no apology for covering the basics, what does best and worst practice looks like?
Written by Will Gibbs
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22 Dec 2018

Getting Compensation Right in Startups

Setting salaries, bonus levels and equity grants can be a hard task. Getting it right, avoiding misperceptions and keeping motivation and retention...
Written by Alan Cairns
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15 Nov 2018

What is your remuneration strategy?

Remuneration considerations The US job market is normally cited as setting salary levels above those for similar roles in different geographies....
Written by Tosin Agbabiaka
How to guidesCEO masterclass
5 Jul 2018

Tomorrow’s Rolls Royce:

The UK entrepreneur community is thriving. Talent, ambition, inspiration and sticking-power is coming through more than ever. Investors are more...
Written by Howard Bell
How to guidesBuilding teams
19 Dec 2017

Supercharging your employee referral scheme

Here at Octopus Ventures we back teams because we believe that the people who make up a company are the greatest factor behind its success. When...
Written by Zihao Xu