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B2B Software
18 Nov 2021

Our investment in APLYiD

Find out why we backed APLYiD, a reg-tech startup building a scalable solution to AML and KYC processes.
Written by Edward Keelan

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Building teams

Building teams
27 Oct 2021

Lessons in Deep Tech recruiting

Deep tech demands deep understanding. Jonathan shares his top tips for attracting talent after spending 3 years recruiting at DeepMind.
Written by Jonathan Durnford-Smith


CEO masterclass

US expansion

US expansion
20 Nov 2018

Question the Questions:

Question the Questions is a report from Octopus Ventures that provides a stress-tested guide to international expansion, powered by insights...
Written by Octopus Ventures
US expansion
19 Nov 2018

Question the Questions Resources

First Ask Should you expand abroad? 15: Hello Fresh link: Should you enter the US? Is the timing right? 18: Y-Plan...
Written by Octopus Ventures


1 Nov 2021

Our investment in Tuune

Millions of women struggle with side effects related to contraception, here’s how Tuune will solve it
Written by Uzma Choudry


20 Aug 2021

Our investment in Comma

Comma, the open banking bulk payment system, is one of the most exciting fintechs have invested in| Octopus ventures
Written by Nick Sando

Deep tech

Deep tech
29 Jun 2021

Our investment in XYZ

Rework on construction sites costs firms in the UK £10-25 billion a year. XYZ is going to change that through AR.
Written by Mason Sinclair