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22 Jul 2021

Our investment in Collectiv Food

Collectiv Food want to build the world’s first automated sustainable and customer-centric food supply service addressing a market worth £145bn
Written by Rebecca Hunt

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US expansion

US expansion
20 Nov 2018

Question the Questions:

Question the Questions is a report from Octopus Ventures that provides a stress-tested guide to international expansion, powered by insights...
Written by Octopus Ventures
US expansion
19 Nov 2018

Question the Questions Resources

First Ask Should you expand abroad? 15: Hello Fresh link: Should you enter the US? Is the timing right? 18: Y-Plan...
Written by Octopus Ventures


10 Jun 2021

Our investment in Overture

Who are the pioneers? Overture was co-founded by Martin Varsavsky (CEO) in 2017. Martin is a serial entrepreneur who has built and exited several...
Written by Luke Hakes


19 Jul 2021

Our investment in Raylo

Raylo, our latest investment, is going to disrupt “ownership” of phones and devices
Written by Tosin Agbabiaka

Deep tech

Deep tech
29 Jun 2021

Our investment in XYZ

Rework on construction sites costs firms in the UK £10-25 billion a year. XYZ is going to change that through AR.
Written by Mason Sinclair