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Skin + Me

19 Feb 2019 By monasteininger

About Skin+Me

Skin+Me provides skincare products, personalised to the individual and posted through their door.

Skin issues can cause low confidence levels that can make it difficult for people to live their best lives. The Skin+Me team knew there had to be a better way to give everyone’s skin what it really needed.

Their team of dermatologists, pharmacists and customer experts are on a mission to change the face of skincare.

By delivering a powerful, personalised solution that truly works, straight to customers’ doors, Skin+Me is offering an accessible solution for those who want to tackle their skin goals once and for all.

The treatments are made to order and shipped directly, meaning no retail markups, no wasted product and fairer prices. Pretty good for customers’ bank balances and Skin+Me’s footprint on the planet, too.

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