Karan Mehta

Karan joined the team in 2018 and focuses on consumer opportunities with a keen interest in gaming, mobile-first applications (social, commerce, productivity), consumer automation, AR applications and the future of work. He is based in the New York office where he also supports the US growth strategies of Octopus Ventures’ portfolio businesses.

Karan learned the true value of tech while helping his family’s jewelry manufacturing business with their digital transformation. He later spun out two jewelry e-commerce businesses, one that he scaled and successfully exited. Prior to joining Octopus, Karan founded Venture Project – a platform to help tech founders in New York with growth, fundraising, and customer/talent acquisition.

Karan graduated from Fordham University in the Bronx with a bachelors in finance. Outside of investing, Karan is an avid basketball player, an aspiring avatar influencer and a self-proclaimed pun master.