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“Our trigger to go to the US was competitor related; someone else was going to take the opportunity and it was quite unusual to be in a situation as a consumer business where, in the US at the outset, there weren’t any peer models.”

Ed Boyes, US CEO Hello Fresh

“Americans will buy from domestic vendors unless you can prove you are two to three times better, or you have US marquee clients that you can showcase.”

Ian McCaig, Qubit

“Build a book of business or sufficient demand before building your base of operations in the US. Start small and test the market; you don’t need to invest heavily to assess traction.”

Paolo Wyatt,

“It’s easy to go too fast or be too early with the US launch before the company is prepared to take this challenge. It’s a differently structured and hyper-competitive market; therefore, European entrepreneurs might benefit from considering soft launching there first.”

Rytis Vitkauskas, YPlan

First ask

Then test

Then do

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