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Surrey NanoSystems

23 Jan 2023 By monasteininger

About Surrey NanoSystems

Surrey NanoSystems’ Vantablack product is a globally recognised super-black coatings brand solving serious challenges in space, optics, automotive sensing and aesthetics.

Vantablack is the blackest man-made substance on earth. It’s so dark, it absorbs 99.96% of light. In other words, the closest thing to a black hole we’ll ever see on earth.

When it’s applied to a 3D object, it’s extremely difficult to detect any surface features at all, making the object appear completely flat.

Vantablack was originally developed for the space sector for use in satellite calibration systems. Its unique physical and optical properties have resulted in widespread applications.

Nanomaterials have amazing potential to overcome real-world challenges, in areas from microelectronics to aerospace. And through sensitive telescopes, Vantablack can help to detect the faintest stars thousands of light years away.

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