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Origami Energy

23 Jan 2023 By Ian Perry

About Origami Energy

Origami’s independent energy data platform is accelerating the global green energy transition.

Its technology gives access to all major energy and short-term power markets. This enables energy companies to harness the shifting commercial opportunities of the transition and optimise increasingly complex physical, financial and contractual positions.

Understanding assets takes agile, real-time digital infrastructure, whether grid-connected or behind the meter. So Origami provides advanced SaaS applications for asset owner-operators, energy services companies and route-to-market providers.

It helps customers with peer-to-peer electricity trading, ambitious ESG strategies, fully matched 24/7 green tariffs and more.

The cloud-based platform gives greater transparency and control over complex portfolio performance. Its SaaS applications give instant access to robust data. Together, they make successful trading in complex markets much more accessible.

Ultimately, Origami allows asset owners and energy service companies to focus on their portfolio efficiency over long periods. This means future-proofed customers against a backdrop of complexity and volatility.

Origami is on a mission to help build a green energy world, powered by smart technology – by building and investing in the most powerful open, modular and configurable solutions for the energy transition.

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