How to build a pitch deck

In this video guide, Octopus Ventures investors Lucy Clarke and Natasha Jones share their advice on how to build a pitch deck that will capture backers’ interest and give them the information they need to believe in your business.

Top pitch deck tips:

  • Explain the problem your business solves – as simply as possible.
  • Demonstrate why you are the person (or people) to be solving this problem.
  • Use a team slide to introduce your people and where they fit into your story.
  • In a new category business, you won’t always have an easy number to point towards as your addressable market – but try to demonstrate who your market is, and break it down clearly.
  • When it comes to the competitive landscape slide, show us you know who your competitors are.
  • Tell us what you want! How much funding are you looking for, and how will it be used? Whether it’s building your initial MVP, or getting users beta testing the platform, show us where the money is going.
  • Investors see 100+ pitch decks per week, so keep yours concise, with short text, visuals and maybe a video.
  • In meetings, be prepared to pitch your whole deck in five to seven minutes, followed by a Q&A. Not every investor will want this, but it’s important to have a well-practiced presentation up your sleeve.
  • Remember to include your email address!

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