How do you successfully fundraise in the US?

Various European companies have become successful while having only a European investor base


IZettle LoveCrafts Sigfox Actility
Prodigy Finance Boohoo Home24 Doctolib
Babylon Auto1 Group Smava Qubit
Eve Lendinvest Ebury
Carwow Chronext BIMA


US Investors are increasingly investing in European companies

Nonetheless, US VC activity in Europe is increasing. In 2016, 12.8% of all VC deals involved a US investor, and this increased to 17.3% in 2017. The amount invested into UK companies by West Coast investors surpassed £1 billion in 2017 for the first time, increasing 252% since 2011. East Coast investors also strongly invested in UK companies, contributing £1.3 billion in 2017.

Below are those funds who have actively invested in European startups in the last 3 years (without having a local office there).

For a summary of US-based VC funds’ investments in European startups (over the last 3 years) and the rounds in which they participated, download the Question the Questions report below and check out pages 123-126.

Guidance on baseline metrics

What are some of the metrics that you should meet before a US investor will take a closer look? As always, there will be outliers and edge cases that do not meet any of these requirements who have been funded. Those are the exceptions, not the rule.


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