Our investment in Turtl

Investment thesis

  • Digital content is a vital part of every modern business’s digital agenda and is used everywhere from sales to recruitment and from marketing to partner communications. However, digital content is generally unengaging, time consuming to produce, and almost impossible to analyse, especially within large and complex enterprises.
  • Turtl’s leading Content Automation platform solves this problem, enabling businesses to rapidly deliver engaging business materials at scale with cost and time savings of up to 90%. The product is accessible and easy to use, ensuring that users across an organisation have the power to easily produce design-quality content based on centralised templates. Independent research has shown that Turtl’s proprietary reading format delivers up to 10x more reader engagement than traditional formats such as PDF.
  • Turtl has over 75 globally recognised enterprise customers including Allianz, Baker McKenzie, Cisco, Lexus, Standard Life and T. Rowe Price, and continues to demonstrate a land and expand strategy across its customer base, through exciting, product-led initiatives.
  • In the year leading up to our investment, Turtl delivered attractive SaaS metrics growing 70% yoy and burning almost no cash over the period.
  • Given its high performing core product, focus on next generation features driven by AI and personalisation, successful penetration of the US market and seasoned management team, we believe our funding will support the business to become a category leader over the coming years.

Who are the pioneers

Nick Mason, Founder and CEO, comes from a design thinking background, seeing first-hand the problems that companies faced in making high quality content accessible to their employees. He has been a product visionary for the business and attracted a very capable senior management team around him to support him through the next phase of growth. We were impressed by how “complete” the team was for this stage of business.

Nick Mason, Founder and CEO of Turtl

Why us

Turtl recognised the importance of having an investor with expertise in scaling software companies of its size. Our Venture Partners are already helping Turtl with its go-to-market strategy, our Talent Team have provided advice on the most effective way to source the next batch of sales hires, and our New York office will assist the business in the expansion of its US operations.

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