My Sky News interview: Is the NHS prepared for the future?

Sky News marked the NHS 70th anniversary with a series of stories. I have recently covered the topic of UK healthcare, so was thrilled to be invited for a live interview.

You can watch the full 3-minute long interview below:



I answered questions on technology, money and the problems of public/private partnerships. You will know from my previous post that I believe entrepreneurship and technology will play a vital role in driving the NHS forward.

As complicated as marrying private and public sectors might be, if we wish to solve the challenges in the healthcare sector head-on, we need to open our healthcare systems up to entrepreneurs and startups in order to accelerate the innovation process. Historic failed attempts should not be a reason to stop trying now.

In the next 70 years I would like to see the NHS harnessing the power of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, connected devices and genomic research to create a healthcare system that is more affordable, accessible and one that provides a higher quality of care.

Of course, some may disagree and I welcome the debate. What do YOU think?

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