Can the industry name your brand?

Another way to promote your company is to attend conferences and tradeshows. The scale and caliber of the chosen events can help you meet a lot of key people in your sector in a condensed amount of time. Look at conferences as a ground war and turn them into competition games for your team: for example, one point for each lead, three points for meetings within 30 days of the event.

If your product is an episodic sale, think about how you can become part of the daily conversation in your industry. Equip potential evangelists to be seen as market leaders. Have a point of view and narrow down your message – it’s hard to cut through the noise and get a customer even when you’re unique.

Partnerships with complementary brands can also assist in building a profile for your business and becoming known to the industry. Ask to sponsor conferences and request their list of last year’s attendees: you can connect with attendees by having the conference as a point of contact (i.e. “sorry I missed you at XX conference last year – will you attend again?”).

When it comes to conferences, the GRMA comes up as one of the best (in Retail, and now Finance & Insurance) – 30-40 CMOs of large corporations in one spot. Find these niche conferences for your space.

And finally, send really good cookies. Response rates for these are 20x that of an email outreach. For example, Yext’s sales team is a fan of sending Jars By Dani to their B2B prospects.

Relevant Industry Conferences


“ From day one we knew we needed to take it to the US. The timing for that was as soon as we had product-market fit.” Alastair Paterson, Digital Shadows


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