Deep tech

Deep tech
15 Mar 2022

Our investment in LifeScore

LifeScore’s platform uses AI to adaptively generate music, based on the listener’s surroundings and inputs. Read why Octopus Ventures has invested
Written by Akriti Dokania
Deep tech
19 Jan 2022

Demystifying deep tech

Akriti Dokania explains what sets the deep tech space apart - and what we’re looking for
Written by Akriti Dokania
Deep techPortfolio
29 Jun 2021

Our investment in XYZ

Rework on construction sites costs firms in the UK £10-25 billion a year. XYZ is going to change that through AR.
Written by Mason Sinclair
Deep tech
30 Mar 2021

Profile: Julia Salasky, Legl

How did Julia Salasky move from the United Nations to digitising the legal profession? Here, in brief, is her story.
Written by Zoe Chambers
Deep techPortfolio
16 Dec 2020

Our investment in Orbex

Why did Octopus Ventures invest in Europe’s leading space launch company?
Written by Simon King