What is our investment focus?


Backing pioneers who are transforming the health industry from digital therapeutics through to biotechnology.

  • ‘Taboo’ issues ready to enter the mainstream: mental and sexual health
  • The world’s biggest human challenges: AMR, feeding an ever-increasing population, fertility and longevity
  • Making healthcare more personal and accessible
  • Frontier opportunities in biosciences


Backing pioneers who seek to vastly improve society’s ability to exchange and allocate financial resources and risk.

  • Blockchain
  • Credit and lending
  • Insurtech
  • Payments

Deep tech

Focusing on the tools and technologies that will power the next industrial revolution.

  • Quantum computing  
  • Robotics and drones  
  • Sensory human augmentation (touch, smell, taste, see, brain, sound and voice)    
  • 3D printing


Backing the innovators transforming the everyday in how we live, work, travel, play, rest and recuperate. ​

  • How we live: housing, co-living, mortgages, smart homes, construction reform, consumer robotics.
  • How we spend our free time: gaming, esports, fitness, sex tech, pets.
  • The way we work: collaboration, HR 3.0, office leasing, employee wellness, passion economy, consumer automation.
  • The way we get around: car ownership, electric car subscription, micro-mobility, travel.
  • Our own well-being: beauty, wellness, fitness, nutrition, healthy ageing, early life tech.
  • How and what we buy: P2P marketplaces, conscious consumption, the changing high street

B2B Software

Investing in companies driving digitalisation and automation across traditional and nascent industries.

What is our typical investment?


Our typical investment is from £1 million for Seed to £10 million for Series B and we can continue to fund the companies we back right through to IPO.


We typically invest in UK and European-based companies. Often they are looking to scale globally and our international network is there to help them do this. We have also invested in companies based in the US with ambitions to expand into Europe. All the companies we invest in must have a UK presence.  

What is our investment process?

Submitting a deck

Should we be investing in your pioneering company? Tell us why and submit your deck here.


This timeline is an example and may vary:

Week 0 – ‘First Gate Meeting’. This is for you to meet key members of your pod, present your deck and discuss any questions we may have for you, and you for us.

Following this meeting we will have an internal discussion about whether the deal is a good fit for us, and where we might be able to add value. We have these meetings weekly.

Weeks 1 and 2 – we’ll be gathering your personal references as well as customer references. We will look further into your product roadmap, sales collateral and pipeline, hiring plans and the market. We would expect you to be referencing us too during this time.

We will then book in a second meeting which will be 90 minutes long and will give you the opportunity to meet more investment team members and to present a deeper dive deck.

Week 3 – this ‘Second Gate Meeting’ will happen in week 3. Following the meeting, we will have an internal team debrief and decide whether to progress your company to our Investment Committee.

Week 4-5 – the Investment Committee will agree parameters of terms.

Weeks 6-12 – we will get the heads of terms agreed and move to further due diligence, on tech and legal in particular.

Weeks 12-14 – subject to negotiation, other investors and due diligence, we would move ahead to signing and closing the deal.

What does our portfolio support look like?

US office

Our team in New York is specifically placed to help our portfolio companies expand into the US. Their network supplies introductions, support and a wealth of experience in every aspect of scaling abroad. 

Talent team

The Talent team exists to build people and talent operations with portfolio companies, and to equip the community with the resources and skills they need to build a successful business in an ever-changing world.

Venture Partners

Octopus Venture Partners are those unique individuals who have created unicorns (in some cases serially) and can now reflect back their experience, guidance and connections to our portfolio.

Our network

Our global network of Operating Consultants brings together the experience, on-the-ground knowledge and deep understanding of sectors and geographies that our portfolio pioneers find invaluable in helping them scale into world-beating companies. Our network also includes the many (almost 100) entrepreneurs we’ve backed over the years.

What’s your connection to Octopus Group?

About Octopus Group

We are part of Octopus Group, managing £12.5 billion* on behalf of more than 63,000 investors, spanning investments, healthcare, energy and property.

*31st March 2022