Philip Lay

Venture Partners


Philip has been a partner at the Chasm Group, a Silicon Valley based strategy consulting firm founded by Geoffrey Moore, for the past 24 years.  He joined Octopus Ventures as a Venture Partner in January 2018, after moving from San Francisco back to the UK.  Earlier Philip had a successful entrepreneurial career, co-founding and leading a successful security and communications software company, TGR Software, before it was acquired, and before that he was a sales executive at IBM in the UK.


Philip focuses mainly on B2B software/Saas.  He has advised dozens of companies ranging from major tech companies such as Autodesk, HP, NetApp, Netsuite, SAP, Rackspace and, to mid-sized players and startups entering their scale-up growth phase.  Among the key themes of his work are: playing for power, land & expand business strategy and enterprise customer engagement.  Philip has also delivered keynotes and moderated panels at industry and company conferences around the world; he teaches full-time MBA students at IESE in Barcelona, and publishes a widely read blog at