Karan Mehta

Deep Tech

New York

Karan joined the team in 2018 and focuses on deep tech and consumer opportunities with a keen interest in applied AI, robotics, human-computer interaction and enterprise software. He is based in the New York office where he also supports the US growth strategies of Octopus Ventures’ portfolio businesses.

Prior to joining Octopus, Karan founded Venture Project – a platform to help tech founders in New York with growth, fundraising, and customer/talent acquisition. Before this, Karan founded an e-commerce jewellery brand called KIN which he scaled and successfully exited. He also created a SaaS template-based website service for independent jewellery retailers, based on his previous experience at a jewellery manufacturing company as a Director of Ops and Strategy, where he led their digital transformation.

“I am laser-focused on helping entrepreneurs achieve the impossible. At the earliest stages of a business, every action has incredible impact. As a former entrepreneur and operator, I am aware of this and hope I can have some hand in helping founders avoid hurdles and conquer challenges better and faster than the competition.”

Karan graduated from Fordham University with a bachelors in finance but is always learning. He is a self-proclaimed pun master and can be found at a monthly pun competition in Brooklyn called the Punderdome 3000.