John Hamm

Venture Partners

San Francisco

John Hamm‘s career spans 35 years in technology executive (CEO) leadership, venture capital, and advisory work with CEOs and Executive Teams. John is actively engaged with a diverse group of CEOs from a variety of market segments on matters of strategy, leadership, and managing teams, change, and growth.  He has coached and advised over 75 CEOs in the last decade. Previously, John served as CEO of Accept Software which he guided to acquisition by Artemis. Prior, John was a Venture Partner at Redpoint Ventures and a GP at VSP Capital in San Francisco. John was also a Partner with Geoff Moore at Chasm Group Advisors, a leading technology market strategy firm. John was CEO of Whistle Communications, funded by IVP and Mayfield.  Whistle was acquired by IBM in June, 1999.


John’s best-selling book, Unusually Excellent, (Wiley 2010) is available worldwide and his timeless article, The Five Messages Leaders Must Manage, was the lead feature in the May, 2006 issue of The Harvard Business Review.  Hamm also authored Why Entrepreneurs Don’t Scale, for HBR in December 2002, which is used in many MBA programs worldwide.  John holds a BS degree in Engineering from Purdue University in Engineering Physics and Engineering Management.