Portfolio support

Talent Team

A team of experts and former operators on hand to align talent, recruitment and retention with your vision and strategy.

Companies are built on people.

We say this a lot so we should define that word ‘people’: Recruitment of talent is central of course, and so is retention and culture. But what defines us as a team is the importance we place on the alignment of your People function with your company’s vision and strategy. How the next person you hire will further your company’s reason for being in the world is our central concern.

Each of our portfolio companies will experience us differently, to the same degree that their visions and strategies are uniquely different. Aligning vision, strategy and people is not easy, but we can help understand how to recruit and retain people within that equation by drawing on the diverse array of data points gathered from our portfolio of 100+ companies.

We aim to be an extension of your team, so issues like compensation, organisational structure, design and planning, DEI, employee well-being, management, leadership and communication may be things we will help you with, individuating your company to make your ambition come alive.

Venture Partners

We select our Venture Partners from those unique individuals who have created unicorns and can now reflect back their experience, guidance and connections to our portfolio.

As well as running intense workshops, our Venture Partners are on hand to offer advice, guidance – and ask the hard questions.

Additional support

Our Talent Team have put together a gold mine of resources and guides on team building covering everything from compensation to DEI.

Network of coaches

The best leaders require the best coaches so we have a network of the world’s finest in the UK and US.

As well as our Venture Partners, we have a wider circle of individuals who span the globe with decades of experience and long-standing networks.

US-based office

Our team in New York are there specifically to serve the companies we back. Their network and local expertise have proved invaluable to teams expanding on either side of the Atlantic.

Building teams

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