Our investment focus

We use the term ‘pioneers’ to name that subset of entrepreneurs who are truly breaking new ground. To reach them and serve them properly we’ve organised ourselves into pods: The Future of Health, The Future of Money, Deep Tech, Consumer and Growth. Each pod nurtures the depth of knowledge and connections necessary to help the teams we back create world-changing companies in these areas. 

Future of Health

Backing pioneers who are transforming the health industry from digital therapeutics through to biotechnology.

Currently looking at:

  • ‘Taboo’ issues ready to enter the mainstream: eg. mental and sexual health
  • The world’s biggest human challenges: AMR, feeding an ever-increasing population, fertility and longevity
  • Making healthcare more personal and accessible
  • Frontier opportunities in biosciences

Future of Money

Backing pioneers who seek to vastly improve society’s ability to exchange and allocate financial resources and risk.

Currently looking at:

  • Blockchain
  • Credit and lending
  • Insurtech
  • Payments

Deep Tech

Focusing on the tools and technologies that will power the next industrial revolution.

Currently looking at:

  • Quantum computing
  • Robotics and drones
  • Sensory human augmentation (touch, smell, taste, vision, brain, sound and voice)
  • 3D printing


Backing the innovators who influence the way we live, work, travel, play, rest and recuperate.

Currently looking at:

  • How we live: housing, co-living, mortgages, smart homes, construction reform, consumer robotics
  • How we spend our free time: gaming, esports, sex tech, pets
  • The way we work: collaboration, HR 3.0, office leasing, employee wellness, passion economy, consumer automation
  • The way we get around: car ownership, electric car subscription, micro-mobility, travel
  • Our own well-being: beauty, wellness, fitness, nutrition, healthy ageing, early life tech


Backing outstanding teams with proven, scalable business models and excellent execution capabilities.

Currently looking at:

  • Business models that are proven and highly scalable targeting multi $billion markets
  • Sector agnostic with a natural bias towards the future of money, future of health and deep tech given our focus on early stage investments in this space
  • Outstanding founders and management teams backed by thought-leading investors
  • Product and technology-driven strategies based on an unfair competitive advantage

If you’re building a world-changing business in one of these areas we’d love to hear from you.