What else can I expect from Octopus in terms of support?

We draw on the diversity of our experience to help the companies we back get better, faster, whether that involves building teams, developing their CEOs or scaling internationally.

For the majority of companies we’ll be an active participant on the board. Often the real value comes from the hundreds of interactions that occur outside the board room. Our role as a sounding board and partner can be invaluable during the roller coaster ride of scaling a business.

Our Venture Partners are constantly engaged with a large number of the companies in the portfolio and able to provide deep insight and practical support in sales strategy, hiring, product, leadership, CEO coaching and international expansion.

With an office in New York and Venture Partners in London, San Francisco, Singapore and China we are well placed to help companies scope, test and enter these territories. See our Insights page for more information on these topics. 

We have also been fortunate to back nearly 100 talented founders and their teams in recent years and we encourage this group to share and learn from each other’s expertise and experience through our events, e-mail threads and one-to-one connections.

Octopus also provides support in the issues of employment, recruitment, research and development, public relations and lobbying. We know that the needs of each startup are different and that these needs will evolve over time. 

Many of us understand first-hand how difficult it is to build a business, so we’ll be there when entrepreneurs need us – and get out of the way when they don’t. We’ve always said that the best test of an investor is whether an entrepreneur wants to work with them again. Octopus has a track record of backing serial entrepreneurs again and again – which includes those referred to us by our portfolio.