Octopus is a leading London and New York based venture capital investor.

To us, Entrepreneurs are the people who create defining moments. Not just the high-five ones. The jarring, rocky, edge-of-the-seat ones too. We help Entrepreneurs turn these defining moments into impactful, lasting success.

Few Entrepreneurs go back to their original investors for their next venture. Ours do. We take that as a sign we’re doing it right. Valuing uniqueness, supporting ambition.

We like to be the first institutional money in to a seed or series A round, but we have the ability to follow our investment from a few hundred thousand right up to £25 million. The 60 or so companies we’ve backed in recent years include Big Health,, Evie, Eve, Magic Pony, Secret Escapes, Sofar Sounds, Swiftkey, Swoon Editions,, Zoopla Property Group and Zynstra.

We are a tight knit team with the singular goal of being the most valued partner to the businesses we back. We’re always looking for great people to join us, so why not get in touch?