AI on the Edge

The Deep Tech pod at Octopus Ventures is exploring the outer rim of Edge computing with Google on Tuesday 1st October. As the focus moves from the cloud to myriad devices, the implications and challenges are magnifying each day. Join our guest speakers for this in-depth discussion and networking event.

There are parts of healthcare where companies have feared to tread. But now the massive opportunities in these taboo areas are a major focus for our Future of Health pod.

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On the evening


Goggle for Startups Campus, Shoreditch Home of a diverse community of like-minded problem solvers


Gajindar Panesar - CTO - UltraSoc
Ofri Ben-Porat - CEO - Edgify
Eddie Seymour - European Technical Director - NVIDIA

......and more to be announced


Drinks and a chance to build your network

Our Deep Tech pod

Hear from our portfolio companies at the event

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